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Staying safe during travel

Arriving and fitting in a new city or place is usually the hardest part of a trip. Everything may seem strange and new while having to look for restaurants to eat and drink and maybe a means of transport. It is quite overwhelming to adapt easily to foreign surroundings. A shadow of practical issues start to come up pulling down the excitement if necessary plans are not made. Having a checklist of essential and prior plans makes it a worthwhile experience.

Staying safe during travelArrival

Arriving in a foreign country late into the night creates many chances for a lot of mishaps especially one with a different language from yours. Getting information of your transport means and timetable comes a long way in ensuring you get best services without too much struggle. If there were no [prior preparations, one would have to choose between searching for a hotel and sleeping at the train or bus station. Checking into a hotel early enough helps one adapt easily and put everything in check. Knowing the costs to reach the hotel such as public transport and security concerns helps one understand the surroundings better.

A Map

Having a city layout in hand creates a rough picture of the surroundings and easy accessibility to your places of discovery. Some could be gotten from the internet using applications such as Google maps. This goes a long way in answering questions raised such as good restaurants to eat or nightclubs with specific directions. The information could be generalized or inaccurate in some situations therefore a need to engage someone in taking you around. A bilingual map would help when someone is giving you directions using a landmark of the area.


Reserving a hotel for your first day of arrival saves you the struggle of running around after arrival especially during the night. There is an option of changing the hotels once you have settled down. Some hotels offer transport to their facilities hence confirmation of reservation should be done along with transportation options. Giving specific instructions of arrival saves the struggle of waiting at the stations for a while.

Financial ArrangementsĀ 

Travelling on an empty wallet in any city travelled will not get you far enough. Considering factors such as changing of travelers checks in hotels is essential as much as locating ATMs. Carrying large currencies could also affect in terms of purchase of smaller items. The hotels and even public transportation would also not be easy with changing large bills and would turn out to be a struggle. Make sure of carrying exchanging large bills to smaller denominators at exchange counters or the airport.

If you are stranger in a city or travelling to another country than follow these tips to make your journey safe and more enjoyable.